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Aaron & Partners Solicitors Terms of Use - DocuSign

These Terms of Use will apply in relation to your use of the DocuSign system on each occasion that you access the same in connection with Aaron & Partners (“we” or “us”). We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms of Use and your continued use of the DocuSign system after any such changes confirms your acceptance of our updated Terms of Use.

DocuSign uses e-signature technology to assist users with the electronic execution of documents. The DocuSign system is cloud based and allows for online administration of documents.

From time to time, we may upload a final version of a document for you and any other relevant signatories/witnesses to sign the same. Your use of the DocuSign system confirms your agreement to this.

DocuSign's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are automatically accepted through your use of the DocuSign system. DocuSign's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available through their website.

DocuSign may amend its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy from time to time and your continued use of the DocuSign system after any such changes confirms your acceptance of the same.

Execution of Documents and Envelopes

Any documents that are to be signed electronically using an e-signature will be uploaded into a DocuSign Envelope. Any relevant signatories/witnesses will receive a link to enable them to access the document in the Envelope. It may be necessary to create more than one envelope if there are multiple signatories/witnesses.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

We may process personal data about you obtained through your use of the DocuSign system. Information in relation to the processing of your data can be found in our Privacy Notice and we will only process any data obtained through your use of the DocuSign system in accordance with our Privacy Notice and these Terms of Use. We will not access or verify any information relating to your physical location or IP address.

DocuSign is a third-party platform used by Aaron & Partners Solicitors. For details about how DocuSign will process your personal data, please see their Privacy Notice, available on DocuSign's website.

Your use of DocuSign confirms your automatic agreement to certain personal information relating to any relevant signatories/witnesses being visible to any other relevant parties that access the document on the DocuSign system, or who receive a copy of the document.

You are responsible for any access/passwords allocated to you. You must keep all usernames and passwords strictly confidential and must notify us immediately if any are lost, stolen, or disclosed to any third party.

You are required to immediately notify us if you have accessed any information in the DocuSign system that is confidential to another party/matter. You must ensure that any instructions from us to delete the data are adhered to. You agree that in circumstances such as these you will not make copies, download, disclose or otherwise use the confidential data for any purpose. If you believe there has been any unauthorised access to any data by any party you must immediately notify us.

Nothing in our Terms of Use exempts us from liability where the law prohibits the exclusion of such liability.

Aaron & Partners Solicitors Retention of Documents

We reserve the right to hold any documents created in DocuSign outside the DocuSign system in accordance with our file retention policy.

Any completed documents in Envelopes will be stored on the DocuSign system for a period of 30 days. This will also apply to Envelopes that have been voided or declined. Envelopes containing any documents that are not actioned by any relevant recipients within 30 days will be automatically voided. After the 30 day document retention period, the documents in any Envelopes will move to a purge queue in the DocuSign system where they will be held for a further 30 days before being permanently deleted from Aaron & Partners Solicitors DocuSign account.

DocuSign may retain Transaction Data (as defined in its Terms of Use) for as long as it has a business purpose to do so.


Aaron & Partners Solicitors has no control or connection to DocuSign, who are a third party, and we do not accept responsibility or liability for DocuSign’s operations; the availability/access of/to the DocuSign system; or any security processes/procedures in relation to the DocuSign system including but not limited to storage of documents in the system.

We accept no liability for the security of any data while it is on the DocuSign system or for any viruses, malware, or similar cyber security matters.

We will not owe you any duty of care nor do we accept any liability in relation to the DocuSign system, in particular but not limited to, the signing (or any non-signing) of documents, or the use or storage of any information on the DocuSign system.

Information relating to DocuSign's security standards can be located here and any system requirements here.