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Protective Award Claim

If you are an employee who has recently lost their job after being made redundant unfairly, you may be exploring what options are open to you, but you may not have considered a Protective Award claim, which could see you granted 90 days' pay. Our specialist employment law solicitors fight for the rights of workers, and we champion fairness in what can often feel like an unfair situation.

Due to the complex nature of Protective Award claims we know you may have questions.

You can view our Protective Award FAQ page by clicking here.

Protective Award claims

If more than 20 employees are made redundant from a single site (known as an establishment), you may be eligible to make a claim known as a ‘Protective Award’ if your employer fails to adequately inform and consult with those being made redundant.  This is a claim often brought collectively as a “group action” with other claimants in the Employment Tribunal.  It is different to an individual claim for unfair dismissal.

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How much compensation can I claim?

We will support you throughout the Tribunal, to secure the maximum amount of compensation available. You are entitled to claim a maximum of 90 days’ pay.

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My employer went into administration / became insolvent, can I still make a Protective Award claim?

Yes. A claim is brought against both the company and the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.  In the event that the company you formerly worked for cannot pay, then the Redundancy Payments Office will pay out a capped weekly sum reflecting 8 weeks’ pay. This will be subject to any deductions for tax, national insurance and benefits already claimed.

Is there a time limit to make a claim?

Yes. You must bring the claim within 3 months of your dismissal, factoring in any period of ACAS early conciliation.

How can our solicitors help you with your Protective Award Claim?

We have a team of solicitors who are all highly experienced in successfully running Protective Award claims. We can operate on a no win, no fee basis, only taking a percentage of your award if the case succeeds.  If 20 or more staff have been dismissed from your place of work, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us today or complete the enquiry form below.