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Having solid insurance protection should provide business owners with the peace of mind that if a claim is ever brought against you, you would be covered, but around 15 percent of all insurance claims are declined by insurers every year.

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If you find yourself in a situation where your insurance claim has been declined, our experienced insurance claim solicitors are here to help. We understand the frustration and stress that can accompany an insurance dispute, and our team is dedicated to providing swift and comprehensive legal assistance tailored to your needs. Whether you're facing challenges with your insurer, require guidance on how to proceed with your claim, or need representation in negotiations or litigation, our insurance solicitors have the expertise to navigate the complexities of insurance law and fight for your rights.

Don't let an insurance dispute stand in the way of your business goals. Contact our team of insurance dispute solicitors today for efficient and effective resolution of your claim.

What are common reasons for a claim being declined?

  • Failing to pay the amount due to the insurer
  • Failing to tell the insurer about something it subsequently decides should have been disclosed
  • Failing to tell your insurer about a change in circumstances
  • Not sticking to all the conditions in your policy
  • The claim is not covered by your policy
  • The event being excluded from the policy by an exclusion clause

Once an insurer has decided they are not going to pay out on a policy, it can be a tough battle to persuade them otherwise. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is on hand to assist in disputes with your insurer, but only if you’re an individual or small business. Larger businesses are not covered by the FOS.

Our experienced insurance dispute team has advised many clients over the past three decades. We’ve taken action against insurance companies over their refusal to pay out on many types of insurance policy – and with a high degree of success.

We specialise in:

  • Persuading an insurer to pay out on a client’s vehicle insurance after a near fatal collision
  • Persuading an insurer to underpin a client’s premises after it had spent years refusing to do so
  • Succeeding in the Court of Appeal over an insurer’s refusal to pay out on a client’s insurance for bad debt

How can our solicitors assist brokers?

If you’re a broker with a dispute, talk to our specialist solicitors. We work with brokers all over the UK to get the best outcome possible for their clients. Our firm is highly regarded within the insurance brokers industry as we strive to find a resolution quickly, saving clients’ money, time and stress.

Funding options

To help clients manage the costs, our Dispute Resolution department offers a range of funding options. From traditional ‘pay by the hour’ arrangements to fixed fees in certain situations, our aim is to take the uncertainty out of the costs of litigating and, where appropriate, to share the risk with you.

Click here to learn more about how you can fund your case

We can also offer you an initial fixed fee review and advice on the merits of your case. Click here to learn more about our fixed fee options.

What legal services can we offer to businesses?

Any business that takes out insurance is potentially at risk of having an insurance based dispute. If it happens to you, our experienced solicitors will work closely with you to resolve the dispute.

Speak to an insurance specialist

If you require comprehensive legal advice and a dispute resolution team that are determined and pursue your matter quickly and efficiently, please get in touch.

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Key Contact

Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke

Senior Partner | Head of Dispute Resolution

Nick became the firm’s Senior Partner in 2019, having been with Aaron & Partners for over 20 years, and he sits on the firm’s management board. He also leads the Dispute Resolution team.

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