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Banking and debt finance is a broad and complex area, comprising a number of distinct disciplines. Acquisition finance, trade and export finance, leasing finance, asset finance, and project finance are just some of the specific areas the term covers.

The borrowing of money and the management of financial liabilities is an extremely specialised and frequently changing area of law. As such, negotiating the terms of a loan agreement and validating the relationship between lenders and borrowers calls for legal advice from experts in the field. Our banking & debt finance lawyers possess the expertise required to navigate these complexities effectively.

Our banking and debt finance law specialists are well-versed in all aspects of this multifaceted legal domain. Whether you need assistance with acquisition finance, trade finance, or asset finance, our banking & debt finance solicitors provide the guidance and support necessary to manage these transactions.

For businesses and individuals alike, our debt finance solicitors offer tailored advice to ensure the best possible outcomes in borrowing and financial liability management. Trust our team of banking & debt finance lawyers to deliver expert legal services, addressing all your finance-related legal needs with precision and care.

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How can we help make financing work for you?

Our team of banking and debt finance lawyers in Chester and Shrewsbury works with both funders and borrowers, helping businesses secure the funding they need to meet their requirements.

We are on the legal panels for Santander, HSBC and other finance providers, and have sector-specific expertise in a number of areas, including:

  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset-based lending
  • Corporate debt and equity restructuring
  • Equity investment
  • Invoice discounting and factoring
  • Project finance
  • Property finance

Raising finance is a critical part of business, and with our guidance, you will secure the most favourable arrangement for your particular needs.

Want to explore your possibilities?

At Aaron & Partners, we know banking and debt finance inside out. So, when we look into your circumstances, we may discover there are more options available to you than you thought.

You'll receive clear guidance on what each possibility entails. And when you have reached your decision, we'll be able to put the new measures into practice without delay.

Speak to a finance expert

We want to work with you to ensure you achieve your objectives. If you have a banking & debt finance matter or require legal advice for your business or organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Key Contact

Stuart Scott-Goldstone

Stuart Scott-Goldstone

Partner | Head of Corporate & Commercial

Stuart is the Head of the firm's Corporate & Commercial team and has experience in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. His specialist areas are corporate finance transactions and corporate reorganisations and restructuring.

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