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The Office Christmas Party Advice For Employers

The Office Christmas Party: Advice for Employers

01 November 2023

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Citibank V

Citibank Employee Fairly Dismissed for Falsifying Lunch Expenses Claim

25 October 2023

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Gender Reassignment Discriminatio

Gendered Insults Against Transgender Employees: Gender Reassignment Discrimination?

17 October 2023

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Borg Neal V Lloyds Banking Group

Unfair Dismissal: Borg-Neal v Lloyds Banking Group

17 October 2023

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Employment Tribunal Article

A Guide to Litigants in Person in Employment Tribunals

16 October 2023

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Difference Between Employment And Immigration

What is the Difference Between Employment Law and Immigration Law?

13 October 2023

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Sickness Absence

Managing Sickness Absences in the Workplace

12 October 2023

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Reasonable Adjustments

What Are Reasonable Adjustments and When Are Employers Required to Make Them?

11 October 2023

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RAAC Crisis

The RAAC Crisis: What it Means for Schools

09 October 2023

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Woolwich Apartment Block Demolition

Woolwich Apartment Blocks: Planning Enforcement and What Happens Next?

27 September 2023

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Onshore Wind Farm Rules

Onshore Wind Farm Planning Rules: What Do the Changes Mean?

06 September 2023

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Farm Business Tenancy

How Long Should a Farm Business Tenancy Be?

31 August 2023

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