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Divorce Solicitors

When a marriage has irreparably broken down and you wish to seek a divorce you should get the advice of a specialist divorce solicitor as early as possible.

Our family law solicitors in Chester, Shrewsbury, Manchester and the wider area can help you with all issues relating to divorce and any financial and child-related matters that may result with the ending of the relationship.

Beginning Divorce Proceedings

To seek a divorce, you must have a legally recognised marriage in the UK, and have been married for at least 12 months, and have a relationship that is deemed to have completely broken-down. In some cases you might be able to annul a marriage any time after a wedding without having to wait the full one-year period. A legal separation might be applicable, perhaps on religious or cultural grounds, if you want to live apart without bringing the marriage to an end and one of our separation solicitors can help you with that.

The only way to begin divorce proceedings in England and Wales is to demonstrate the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage.

This is the only ground for divorce and must be proven by establishing one of five facts:
  • Adultery (when admitted)
  • Desertion
  • Two years’ separation (with agreement to divorce)
  • Five years’ separation
  • Unreasonable behaviour

The specialist divorce solicitors at Aaron & Partners in Chester and Shrewsbury have the experience and expertise you need to bring your divorce proceedings to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

The Divorce Process

Once you’ve proven you have grounds for divorce, the process will usually take around six months. However, it is unusual to finalise the divorce once you and your partner have resolved any financial issues.

Our divorce lawyers in Chester and Shrewsbury can draft the necessary documentation to obtain your divorce. Where possible, we’ll try to agree the wording of the Divorce Petition with your partner to enable proceedings to move forward smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Divorcing in Another Country

If one of you lives abroad, has lived abroad recently or is a foreign national, you may be able to obtain your divorce in another jurisdiction.

Nowadays, this can have enormous financial implications. Our expert divorce lawyers can advise you on which country will be the best for you to divorce in. It can be critical to act quickly to protect your position, so it’s important to take advice as soon as possible.

Our divorce solicitors in Chester and Shrewsbury have contact with specialist family lawyers in numerous jurisdictions and can liaise with them to ensure you make the right decision.

Unmarried Separation

If you separate from a long-term partner, but were not married, you do not enjoy the same legal rights as a married couple. This means that if you were a cohabiting couple and your relationship ends, you must rely on a variety of legislation to resolve any disputes during an unmarried separation process.

Our divorce lawyers can help you resolve any disputes over jointly owned property and advise you on any child support obligations or other entitlements. If you are unmarried and living with your partner and your relationship breaks down, our expert family solicitors in Chester and Shrewsbury can advise you on your options and guide you through the legal process.

We can also assist you by drawing up a cohabitation agreement prior to any separation which will set out all the financial arrangements in the event of the relationship breaking down. This can also include arrangements for any children, such as where they would live in the event of splitting up.

For more information about our range of legal services with regards to a divorce, you can get in touch with our legal team today. Whether you need divorce solicitors in Chester, in Shrewsbury, or elsewhere in the region, we can provide a highly professional and expert service.

Richard Barge Richard Barge

Partner & Head of Family Law
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01244 455371

Lorraine Saunders

Family Law Partner
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01244 455304

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